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Coach Kandis does What?

Guides you in Defining Your Gifts & how you want to reach your goals

The way you want to.

What finally led me to my purpose?   A path of problems and pain.

When I was seventeen, I knew I wouldn’t live past thirty-two.

I didn’t even know people had gifts until much later in life!

Where I was raised, in a small but rough city in the SF Bay Area, the suffering was plenty and fair shakes were few and far between.

I always struggled with school, so naturally, I thought I was the problem.   Also Known As – not smart enough, so I eventually stopped going...

To add to those struggles, everyone around me seemed to struggle in some type of way. 

Either died or got locked up at an early age or was content with the basic 9 to 5.

As a youngster, I figured that if I was going to struggle then why would I live to old age?

Our backgrounds can determine so much sometimes.

But what makes me sad is when I know many of us don’t have:

• The guidance we need to be successful

• Encouragement to live our best lives

• Or the mindset advantages to even discover our special gifts

That’s when Kandis Coaches was created.

We are working closely with people ready to make the move from employee to entrepreneur using their talents and skills.

Together, through commitment and step-by-step strategies, the struggle for achievement finally ends, and building a successful path to personal development begins!

Our Mission
We serve to encourage people to discover their gifts and empower themselves through committed actions to improve their personal and professional success.