Coaching you to build

Mindset - Strategy - Action

Improve Your Business Skill, Focus, and Confidence in 60 Days or Less!

Easier steps to better business & mindset mastery without years of expensive therapy or education.

Have you ever had the feeling

If you could just be ultra-focused...

put a few solid strategies in place...

and be able to manage the ups and downs...

You could finally get those long-held goals checked off, start living the life you want, and have proved successful?

You Can.

What if I told you that it’s totally possible to make significant shifts to what you think & how you do things?

With dedicated work, accountability, and less time than you think.

You want to secure yourself the tools & energy to go further and win more

Been wanting to change how everyone sees you and the actions you take

You’re ready to ignite or get back to the “power within” you’ve always had

Need more valuable methods to meticulously make your professional life easier

Developing your business or professional strategy is important to you

You’ve been seeking weekly support & encouragement necessary for momentum

Down to get the respect you’re due because you put the time in

Are prepared to (finally) live by your own standards and design the life you want to live

You find “Done with You” assistance and DIY educational options extremely beneficial to how you grow

Here’s how you can tell if THIS solution is for you:

If any or many of the above apply to you, we have something for you.

Eight-spot 12-week
Business Strategy & Mindset

Also known as The P.O.W.E.R. group

A 4-step, uncomplicated program dedicated to understanding and taking action toward the challenges that hold you back.

- Coaching

- Accountability

- Knowledge

- Action

Effective energy for your ultimate improvement.

Disclaimer: Results will vary.  Coach Kandis is not a therapist, nor does she claim to be.
This is one person’s experience and we are grateful that he wanted to share it and that we could help.

Both individually and together – We make progress

Turn the Tables on Misinformed Mindsets

Twelve Sessions of 1:1 Coaching – Value is more than $700

• Coaching sessions available Monday - Friday at the client’s best availability

• Session scheduling and payments are easy

• Weekly 45-minute Google Meets video or phone chat

• 12 total sessions over 12 weeks

• BONUS - Private email access to Coach Kandis

Progress Your Professional Profitability


All-Access 365-day Pass to Coach Kandis’ Courses – Over $500 in value

• Free Game Series (FGS) – Important mindset and pro tips uncovered 

• Business Processes & Quality Control Templates (downloadable PDFs)

• Finding Your Fire (FYF) – Discover a business idea in 7 days or less (online course with downloadable PDFs)

• LinkedIn Success Starter (LSS) – An all-star LinkedIn profile made easy (online course with downloadable PDFs)

• Beginner’s BluPrint (BB) – Marketing essentials for entrepreneurs (online course with downloadable PDFs)

• One full year of access

• A copy of The 60-Day Snap Journal - personally signed soft-cover book

Provide POWER of the Mastermind


Accountability Group – Value of over $300

• 6-month access

• Relatable companionship for entrepreneurship

• Structured, action-based, peer support

• Weekly 60-minute video meetings

Secure Strength in Numbers


Accelerated Workshops & More – Value more than $300

• 4 LIVE classes hosted by the creator

• Each with interactive Q & A

• Recorded for your use at anytime

• Executive Template Suite (BONUS #4)

What is the investment for this offer?

Your price?  $1,599 for the P.O.W.E.R. program mentioned above with 3 months of one-to-one coaching and four BONUSES.

When you think about it, you’re just covering the coaching costs and getting everything else FREE.

Your investment can also be paid over the first 30 days with our 3-pay option!

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Concern: “The group won’t be what it says it is.  It won’t get into what I’m dealing with.”

Answer: The 1:1 coaching portion is 100% all about helping you overcome your current blocks to success.

The Accountability group works two-fold – you see not only your struggles but those of your peers, plus the group also has an effect (if you show up consistently) of holding you to your word and intentions.

The business materials included will strengthen your marketing knowledge to further build your skills and strategy moving forward.

Concern: “How can I be sure that it’s really for me? It’s a lot of money and commitment to spend right now.”

Answer:  We feel like you’ll be so impressed by our services, that we offer a two-week trial period.

That means you have 14 days after the official start date of the program you invested in.

That is 2, full coaching sessions (45 minutes each) and two Accountability group sessions (60 minutes each) to decide if the P.O.W.E.R. program is the right choice for your needs.

If you feel it won’t work for you on or before day 14, ask for a refund of your investment.  Get a refund A.S.A.P.

No worries.

Just so you’re clear on what the deal is read the contract  HERE.   

It explains a lot.

Your obligations as a member and our obligation to you as a business.

Concern: “I can’t afford to waste money on something I’m not sure will work.”

Answer: That’s fair!   We completely get it too.

We encourage you to do your research on our offer, background, and testimonials regarding our services.

Also keep in mind that no matter how good we are, if you don’t put in the effort and have the desire to make real change in the way you think and act, you won’t benefit if you don’t do the work.

This program is set up for you to win easily.  But we can’t “twist your arm” to make you show up and do the work.

Don’t sign up and waste either of our time if you’re a bullshitter or confused about what we’re going to be doing over the 2-month program.

An eight-spot, 12-week
business strategy
& Mindset Mastermind

Just In case You Asked...

It is possible to get where you want to be - sooner than later.

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