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Mindset - Strategy - Action

Feed your goals to grow success

Get the sense you’ve been missing important tasks crucial to your progress?

Feeling like you’re not asking yourself the right questions you need to figure out your next moves?

You may want to:

•   Find like-minded people you can work with

• Do your research and vet the leadership and group’s process

• Work towards positive solutions for your long-term success

•  Put in the consistent dedication, then see the results of your process

•  Have fewer issues and more progress

Introducing the Weekly Accountability Group with

Coach Kandis

Have you often thought about having a community of like-minded people to help you level up your side hustle or small business?

The Weekly Accountability Group is:

Focused on 9-5ers with side hustles, professionals ready for the next level, and micro-business owners ready for a better way of keeping their commitments based on their goals.

Led by Coach Kandis. She has helped hundreds of individuals work through their mindset and professional blocks, she brings a unique vibe that makes the group flow organically and in a forward direction.

Uses a group format with proven, successful results that make every meeting easy, fun, and engaging for its participants

Has a process of group dynamics and individual dedication of the participants that make it successful in its approach and function

Will have you seeing your goals checklist finally get crossed off every week.

What is the Process?

Each meeting will be no longer than 60 minutes

Participants are limited to ensure each group member has time to share their intentions.

Each month, every Sunday at
9 am PST / 12 pm EST will be a regularly scheduled weekly Accountability Group meeting

These will be held every week at the same time, with the same link.  (unless otherwise notified by Coach Kandis before the meeting)

Each meeting is led by experienced mindset master, copywriter, and marketing professional Kandis Nelson

The sessions are in sections designed to get the most out of your time and your goal-setting agenda for the week.

Every meeting offers peer support, goal focus & achievement, dedication, and a weekly sense of accomplishment for making real progress like never before

Group is conducted using Google Meets video conferencing, you may also call in to the meetings and attend from anywhere you have internet access.

Still unsure whether this group is right for you?

Here are some FAQs to clear some things up.

  • Q: How can I justify spending this amount of money on myself? It’s too expensive and I don’t think I can afford it.

    A:   When you break it down, here’s what the cost comes down to.  About $15 a session, on a long-term basis, for some can seem like a lot to invest right now. 



    However, consider that with the Weekly Accountability Group you will be getting your goals done consistently, making connections with others in your position, and get professional advice and mentoring.  In the long run this all adds up into a self-improvement process that will far exceed your monthly investment fee.  Your ROI (return on investment) will be clear to you soon enough.
  • Q: What if I find it too hard to keep up with? What if I don’t find it challenging enough?

    A:  Fact is, the magic happens outside of your comfort zone.  However, you are the one that sets your weekly goals.  As long as you don’t over-commit yourself and do what you can every week, you will get through it.
    You are responsible for setting and then working towards your goals weekly.  The group is to hold you accountable as well as to press you further than your current limits.  As long as you are there to win, we are there to apply the pressure.
  • Q: Is the group open to just anyone? I’m looking for a serious-minded group.

    A:  Anyone who signs up to be a member of the group is expected to take everything we do seriously. 


    If an individual is not actively involved or engaged with every aspect of every meeting, that person will not be asked to return for following sessions.
  • Q: What if I don’t like the people in the group?

    A:   Don’t let others who don’t care ruin your chances at more success.  You will only see/hear from them one-time a week for an hour – the benefits of the group can last a lifetime if you stay and apply what you will.
  • Q: How can the group help me? How does it add value to what I’m already doing?

    A:  First, decide what you need in your life right now in order to get closer to where you want to be – if you need accountability to make those things happen, then check us out for one month.
    Depending on your current process for getting your goals prioritized, consider what you will take from it and what advantages it may offer based on your needs.
  • Q: What if I miss a meeting and find it hard to “catch up” with the group?

    A:  Missed meetings are going to happen. 
    We have a special format that helps you not get stuck in a rut (your head) or feel awkward whenever you do return.  
  • Q: Can I get my money back if I don’t like it or can’t find the time for it?

    A:  Absolutely.  Just make sure you attended one full session or have not attended any sessions after paying.  Email us and we will give you a FULL REFUND.
Investment Value & Guarantee 

Your Introductory Month is Only $27

That makes your first month’s investment 58% OFF the regular monthly cost.

If you can appreciate the high value the group can bring to your life,

the monthly cost is $65 for returning members.

Plus, if after your first meeting, you don’t feel like the group is going to work for you, email us and request your money back. We will issue a FULL REFUND.

Ready for new momentum to get you closer to your goals?

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